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1I Loved You, Logan McGee!1  
1The Burg-o-Rama Man1  
1The Curse of the Trouble Doll1  
1The Last Chief,Alaskan Trapper1  
1The Lucky Stone1  
1The Shaggy Little Burro1  
1The Sun Train1  
1The Fabricator1  
1Finding Red/Finding Yellow1  
1Martin Luther King Jr. and His Birthday1  
1Let's Celebrate Priscilla Alden and the First Thanksgiving1  
1Monday on the Mississippi1  
1The Chalk Doll1  
1Miranda's Smile1  
1Greenland Through the Year1  
1Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?1  
1The Jungle Is My Home1  
1Looking Inside - Machines and Construction1  
1Read Me a Story1  
1Flying Start Science Water [Taylor]1  
1The Big Book for Peace1  
1Time and Clocks1  
1The Young Romans1  
1A New Look at the Pilgrims1  
1Jamestowne's Uncovered Treasures1  
1Midshipman Plowright  
1American Indian Contributions to the World  
1Woods Runner